Lifelong Vision Foundation teaches and engages the next generation of vision scientists and practitioners.


University Grants

Provides grants to universities for presentation of vision research at national conferences.


UMSL Optometry Partnership

Instructs Optometry students in diagnostic techniques and pre- and
post-operative vision care in partnership with UMSL School of Optometry.


Graduate Research Fellowships

Furthers vision research by funding endowed Graduate Research Fellowships and a Lectureship in Vision Sciences at Brandeis University.

Recipients of the Brandeis Lectureship in Vision Sciences to date:

•2016: David Williams, Ph. D. of University of Rochester
•2015: William Newsome, Ph. D. of Stanford Medicine
•2014: Richard Masland, Ph. D. of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
•2013: Gordon Fain, Ph. D. of UCLA
•2012: Michael Stryker, Ph. D. of UCSF
•2011: Peter Schiller, Ph. D. of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Science at MIT
•2010: Jay Neitz, Ph. D., and Maureen Neitz, Ph. D., the husband-and-wife team whose pioneering research may lead to the use of gene therapy to treat color vision disorders


Our goals are achieved through the generous support of patients and their family members, corporate citizens and foundations who share the vision of lifelong excellence in eye care. Your support is most appreciated.