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Committed to curing blindness through clinical studies and independent research, to caring for the under-resourced by providing eye exams, glasses, and surgeries, to conveying emerging vision technologies to students and the general public, Lifelong Vision Foundation provides people with the chance and tools to see more clearly. Clear vision, in turn, helps individuals academically, socially, and economically. Our programs with College Bound and Wyman Center are providing 150 teens with eye exams and glasses this year. Follow-up exams ensure that they develop the habit of an annual eye exam. Providing free LASIK for first responders from under-served East St. Louis is a life-changing intervention that protects their lives and helps them protect ours. With 16 clinical studies, our cutting edge research brings technologies from the idea stage to practical use. Our independent research, like the Macular Degeneration genetic testing study, engenders new ideas and challenges the status quo.