We have two currently enrolling clinical studies that offer a great opportunity for our patients to receive the most advanced vision treatment possible, generally years before the general public, often at a discounted price and/or with other benefits. Two of these studies are:

• Synchronize (Shire): Potential new drug targeting the two main causes of Pink Eye, adenoviral and bacterial. Signs and symptoms for no more than the past 3 days and be untreated. The Shire study stipend is $50.00 each completed visit, five visits.

• EyeGate (EyeGate Pharma): Comparing two delivery systems of a ophthalmic solution or suspension in patients with Non-Infectious Uveitis. The EyeGate study stipend is $100.00 per completed visit, six visits


If you think you might be a candidate, please contact Lee Stolze, our Clinical Research Manager, at 636-534-5126 or email her at lstolze@lifelongvisionfoundation.org. Please include your first and last name and phone number if you choose to send us an email.